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Introduction to ChatGPT – a powerful AI tool 

Diving into the world of ChatGPT? You're not alone. As more and more of us are exploring this innovative tool, the discourse around its utility is heating up. While there's a spectrum of opinions, there's a growing consensus: ChatGPT can shave off those minutes and hours spent on daunting admin tasks or drafting dull work emails. It can even plot intricate marketing strategies if you know how.

Once you start having a go, you'll quickly see how the way we do things are going to change rapidly with AI.

Let's walk you through some foundational concepts and basic tips that might come handy before you get started.

Getting started

The first bit of good news is that ChatGPT is free to kickstart your journey. Granted, there are paid versions available, but dipping your toes into the basic free offering is a smart place to start. Although not the most recent version, it'll do very well for now. 

Make a beeline for this article on Get yourself registered for a free account. It's as simple as using a web browser, somewhat like navigating WhatsApp. You can juggle multiple chats, akin to threads.

How it works

Think of ChatGPT as your fairly smart intern. You'll be blown away by how it nails some tasks at the first go, while others might need a quick once-over. To communicate with ChatGPT, you employ "prompts". It's easy to find prompts others have used, and it's not a bad idea to store useful ones in a Google Doc or Sheet. You can access it from a browser, mobile or desktop. If you're on one of the latest iOS versions then the official app is also an option.

Things you can't do (yet)

There are a couple of limitations to bear in mind with the free plan. Firstly, it can't perform internet searches. If you need real-world examples of specific topics, or if you're after award-winning advertising campaign case studies, it's not going to deliver. Also, it has a knack for creating stats and references that aren't factual. So, tread with caution. In terms of volume, it's not the tool to request a 10,000-word essay. ChatGPT works in smaller, manageable chunks so you build your way up to it – start with an idea, then ask for an outline, then ask for chapter breakdown, then ask for it to write a chunk.

Things you Can do

Getting the most out of ChatGPT does require a slight shift in your mental gears. Think of it as briefing an intern. Be precise and clear with what you need. Define the parameters. It excels at crafting copy and synthesising large topics into digestible nuggets. Whether you need outlines, structures, templates, or explanations of well-documented concepts like "funnel marketing", ChatGPT is your go-to tool.

How to tailor it for quality work

We've found that setting the scene with "act like an expert in..." is a strong starting point. Once you've defined the parameters, pepper in a few more. For us, instructing it to use UK English spelling is crucial. Once you're in the flow, you can string these together seamlessly. Expect a fair amount of copy-pasting with ChatGPT.

Useful prompts

PromptUsed for
Act like a (Job Title) with experience working at (company 1), (company 2), and (company 3).When starting a new chat to define the expertise you need.
You are fluent in UK English with a relaxed conversational style, use UK spelling.When you need high-quality, accurate writing.
Can you draft an email response letting (name) know (we are interested in discussing their proposal)? Here's the email: (paste the email).Answering any email.
We need to develop (a funnel marketing campaign). Can you outline the steps we would need to take and create a 6 week plan?Breaking down any complex topic and providing clear steps to move forward.
We need to develop (social media content) that appeals to (25-35 yr old social media managers in London). Can you come up with 10 ideas?Generating quick ideas tailored to a specific audience group.

Remember, the text within brackets can be replaced to suit your needs. And the beauty of ChatGPT is that you can combine prompts as needed. Chat GPT retains the information from your current chat, letting you build on the work, change direction if things aren't panning out, or request alternatives. 

Get Creative 

Engaging with ChatGPT isn't just about getting things done – it's also a lot of fun! Once you get the hang of it, you'll find you can bypass lengthy planning stages and dive straight into your work. The possibilities truly are mind-boggling. Find yourself at a roadblock? Let ChatGPT help you navigate. Follow top users on social media to pick up more tips and tricks. Happy prompting!

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