Embracing Entertainment as a Brand Strategy

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Capturing and retaining the attention of consumers has become a monumental challenge for marketers. The not-so-new approach of permission marketing – most often found in Direct and email – where consumers grant permission to receive promotional messages, is losing its effectiveness, even as marketers are still adopting. As consumers become increasingly wary of marketing emails flooding their inboxes (Beer 52?), we need for a more engaging and entertaining strategy that can cut through the noise. 

Enter TikTok or marketing as entertainment—a dynamic approach that captivates audiences, generates excitement, and builds positive brand sentiment. In this article, we explore the evolution of marketing strategies and dive into the concept of marketing as entertainment, its benefits, and how it can be creatively implemented.

The Evolution: From Permission Marketing to Marketing as Entertainment

In the early days of digital marketing, permission marketing was considered a breakthrough. However, as the landscape evolved, the inundation of emails and promotional content diminished its impact. Marketers realised the need for a shift — a strategy that would not only gain permission but also entertain and engage consumers on a deeper level. This led to the emergence of marketing as entertainment — a concept that goes beyond mere permission to create memorable and enjoyable experiences for the audience.

Marketing as Entertainment: Enticing, Engaging, and Enthralling

At its core, marketing as entertainment is all about captivating and entertaining audiences. Unlike traditional marketing approaches that focus solely on promoting products or services, marketing as entertainment puts the emphasis on delivering content that brings a smile to people's faces, makes them laugh, or evokes positive emotions. It aims to provide an immersive experience that goes beyond selling and establishes a genuine connection with the audience.

The Benefits: Shifting Sentiment and Building Brand Passion

One of the significant advantages of marketing as entertainment is its ability to shift sentiment from negative to positive. In a world filled with bad news and overwhelming information, people crave positivity and moments of respite. By delivering entertaining content, brands can create a refreshing and uplifting experience that resonates with the audience, generating goodwill and fostering a positive association with their brand. Moreover, this approach has the power to evoke passion and fanaticism among consumers, cultivating brand ambassadors who spread the word and advocate for the brand.

Why Marketing as Entertainment Works: A Perfect Escape

Entertainment has always been an integral part of our lives. At the end of a long day, we seek entertainment to unwind, relax, and escape from the daily stresses. In a society driven by an attention economy, where capturing and retaining attention is the name of the game, marketing as entertainment offers an ideal solution. By delivering captivating and enjoyable content, brands can cut through the clutter and capture the hearts and attention of consumers. It provides a perfect escape, giving people a break from the noise and allowing them to engage with content that brings joy and delight.

Examples of Marketing as Entertainment Done Right

To truly understand the power of marketing as entertainment, let's explore some remarkable examples. One such example is Red Bull TV, where the focus is on creating entertaining content with minimal sponsorship or branding. Red Bull's content, ranging from thrilling extreme sports events to high-quality documentaries, engages viewers by tapping into their passions and interests. Another notable example is Waitrose, a supermarket chain that offers a free newspaper filled with relevant articles and recipes. By providing valuable and enjoyable content, Waitrose enhances the shopping experience and builds a stronger connection with its customers.

Getting Creative: Using Marketing as Entertainment in Your Work

Implementing marketing as entertainment in your own campaigns requires understanding your audience's interests and preferences. By tapping into what excites them, whether it's extreme sports, culinary adventures, or other topics, you can develop content that aligns with their passions. Consider thinking beyond traditional media formats and explore innovative avenues. Whether it's creating a captivating short film, publishing a magazine or book, or developing a content hub, the possibilities are endless. By taking a creative approach and infusing entertainment into your marketing efforts, you can forge a deeper connection with your audience and differentiate your brand from the competition.

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, embracing the power of entertainment is crucial to capturing and retaining audience attention. Marketing as entertainment allows brands to transcend traditional promotional approaches and create memorable experiences that resonate with consumers. By delivering entertaining content, brands can shift sentiment, generate excitement, and cultivate brand ambassadors. It's time to reimagine marketing as an opportunity to entertain, inspire, and engage—an opportunity to make a lasting impact. Let the power of marketing as entertainment guide your strategies and unlock the true potential of your brand.

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