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Challenging social stigma around breastfeeding


Tommee Tipppee wanted to be known as the brand that understands mums and demystifies feeding. When we listened to mums, we heard that people weren't telling them the whole truth about what feeding is really like and we felt the category needed to change the way it spoke to women. Our global brand film is designed to be brutally honest, eradicate taboos around feeding, normalise all types of feeding and celebrate every mum whatever her feeding journey. 

We conducted in-depth qualitative and quantitative research with over 750 new first-time mums across the world. They told us that breastfeeding and infant feeding is misrepresented and misunderstood in society, shrouded in stigma and sexualized in the media. This narrative affects 93% of mothers’ mental health and 94% of mums feel that breastfeeding should be more openly and honestly spoken about.

The global brand film is designed to be brutally honest, normalise all types of feeding and celebrate every mum whatever her feeding journey. We disrupted how the parenting category speaks to women, broke down deeply entrenched stigmas surrounding infant feeding. 


The film was instantly banned by Facebook and advertising bodies for “nudity” and “showing breastfeeding”. We lobbied Facebook to remove its ban and made them at least re-consider their policy.

To make sure every possible platform and social format was covered, we created 345 individual assets for local market teams to use.


A global toolkit helped activate the campaign in local markets.

To continue the conversation on social, we made Spill the Milk – a six-part social content series, which shares feeding honest stories in more depth across different topics that women are too commonly kept in the dark about; milk supply, latching and pumping.


Agency: Manifest
Role: Creative Direction
Director: Fiona Jane Burgess

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