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 Activities —

Strategy light

Our strategy light approach ensures that every piece of editorial social content we create aligns with your brand’s objectives and resonates with your target audience. We focus on understanding your brand's unique voice, market positioning, and desired outcomes to develop a content strategy that drives engagement and achieves your goals.


Our team thrives on creating innovative and captivating concepts for your editorial social content. Unique ideas that capture attention, convey your brand message, and encourage audience interaction.


The pre-production phase involves careful planning and organisation to ensure a smooth content creation process. We handle everything from scriptwriting and storyboarding to talent casting, location scouting and scheduling. Our attention to detail guarantees a seamless transition from concept to production.


Our experienced team brings the creative concept to life. With all the necessary gear on site and a focus on social-first storytelling, we capture visually stunning footage that engages your audience. Our dedicated crew ensures a professional and efficient production process, bringing out the best in your brand.


In the post-production phase, we rapidly yet carefully edit and enhance the footage captured during production. Editors work closely with creatives to refine the content, incorporating necessary graphics, music / effects that elevate the overall impact of the final work.

Asset delivery

Once the content is finalised, we provide delivery of batches of assets in pre-agreed formats for social. Whether it's optimized video files, high-resolution images, or other content formats, we ensure that you have the assets ready for distribution across your social media channels.


At our studio we follow a collaborative and transparent approach to ensure the success of your digital and social advertising campaigns.

We combine data, insights, strategy, creativity and production to deliver outstanding results.

We prioritize open communication, frequent updates, and the active involvement of our clients throughout the campaign journey.

What you get —

  • Project kickoff
  • Strategy
  • Creative concepts
  • Pre-production plan
  • PPM meeting
  • Production*
  • Post-production edits
  • Asset supply

* Extra fees apply. At this point it would be impossible to know prices for talent and location


Different by design

Fight stigma, explore love, just do it, end hate, embrace NFTs, champion diversity, bring the energy. Whatever the brief, we do it different by design.

It starts with listening

We’ve seeen it so many times, brands jumping in and not understanding what their audiences are feeling, their needs and wants. We start with listening to your audience and figuring this out first.

Create culture

We believe the best brands create culture not simply curate it or point to it, which in turn creates earned attention and elevates noise.

Social-first storytelling

We don’t bring heavy-handed, traditional film techniques to the table. Because we are digital natives, we think in social. This means we bring a deep understanding of attention span, story structure and music choice.

Iconic yet contemporary

To be rememebered for more than just an ad, yet able to feel fresh and relevant in today’s TikTok obsessed world.

A.I. in the mix

At Untitled we are A.I. literate. This doesn’t mean we cut corners and deliver generic strategies, rather it means we can react fast, crunch huge volumes of data and imagine new realities with ease.


Growing a brand can be challenging. Everyone has a different method to achieve results. You could go with a traditional advertising agency and you’ll get predictable results. Or maybe a new outlier. Believe us, we’ve been there and we know what it’s like. We’ve developed a unique approach that we know no other agency can deliver.

It practically writes any success story you want.
That’s why we call it next-gen storytelling.

Our editorial approach to social has been used by —

Audemars Piguet, Bloomberg, Boucheron, Burberry, Cartier, Canon, Chanel, Chopard, Dorchester, Givenchy, Google, Hyundai, L’Oreal, Mercedez-Benz, Netflix, Rimowa, Speedo, The Macallan, The New York Times, UBS, Virgin Media

Work samples


There is only one word for Chomoi. PHENOMENAL. I LOVED working with this man. He's creative gold. Absolutely brilliant and a dream to work with. I don't want to promote him too much because then he won't be available for me. ;-P He's just great.

L Witts, Senior Producer

Chomoi is a highly skilled and passionate creative director. I thoroughly enjoyed and learnt a great deal during out time working together... He is a person who champions creative thinking, has excellent presentation skills that are effective when communicating with clients and the wider team.

F Lobina, Senior Designer

Chomoi is insightful, passionate and a genuine creative talent. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and you can always rely on Chomoi to come up with strong creative work to be proud of at every meeting. He always does whatever it takes to ensure that the work is polished.

M Lonergan, CEO

Practicalities —

6-8 weeks

Remote, and in person (London & UK)

Next steps
Short questionnaire and diary availability

Start your project

At Untitled, we’re driven by the belief that data, insights, strategy and creativity go together. We create beautiful and emotionally-driven work that not only captivates audiences but also delivers on business objectives.

Chat to us to discuss how our expertise in campaigns, brand strategy and editorial can elevate your brand.


Why do you charge for a project fee and not a day rate?
We believe that charging a project fee provides a more transparent and fair approach for both parties. It allows us to allocate the necessary resources and dedicate the appropriate time and attention to each project. This ensures that we deliver high-quality work within agreed-upon timelines without the limitations of a day rate.
Do you freelance for companies and agencies?
Yes. We are a tiny studio and new in town so to pay the bills, sometimes do work for larger agencies and studios to help them when their resources are pinched or when they are looking to expand their offering.
Who is Untitled and how many people work for you?
We are a tiny studio, with Chomoi being the only full-time person. He leads on strategy, creative, production and client services. We also work with a small network of trusted partners to bring in extra expertise and more pairs of hands when needed.
Do you have an office?
Yes and no. We have a tiny studio that’s more like a workshop in Wimbledon, and we are a member of House of St Barnabas, in Soho, London where we hold informal client meetings. While we value face-to-face interactions, we also embrace remote collaboration and have adapted our processes to accommodate virtual meetings and remote work when necessary.
What experience do you have prior to Untitled?
Loads. Prior to Untitled Chomoi has been a strategic creative director and has over 20 years experience working for top agencies like Grey, Ogilvy, Leo Burnett, AKQA, We Are Social, Publicis Sapient.

He’s been lucky enough to work on the world’s best brands including: Audemars Piguet, Barclays, BBC, Belmond, Bloomberg, Boucheron, Burberry, Cartier, Canon, Chanel, Chopard, Dorchester, Dove, Ford, Givenchy, Google, Gousto, GSK, Harry Potter, Hope Not Hate, Hugo Boss, Huyundai, Jura, Lacoste, Lloyds Banking Group, Logitech, L’Oreal, Max Factor, Mercedes-Benz, Meta, Netflix, NHS, Nike, PepsiCo, Popeyes, Red Bull, Rimowa, Skype, Skyscanner, Speedo, Stella McCartney, The Botanist, The Macallan, The New York Times, Tommee Tippee, UBS, Unilever, UN Women, Virgin Media, Virgin Money, VitaminWater, Vodafone, VW Group, XBox
How do I start a project with your studio?
Hit the enquire button at the bottom of every page. We’ll ask you to answer a few easy questions about you, your organisation and your project. We’ll then reach out via email to schedule a consultation call to discuss your project requirements, goals, and budget. From there, we'll guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless and collaborative experience.

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Member of the Design Business Association, champions of the transformative power of design, House of St Barnabas, breaking the cycle of homlessness, of Artists’ Union England, union for visual and socially engaged artists and United Voices of the World who fight for equality, dignity and respect in the workplace.

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